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Metropolitan Works membership is now completely free and offers excellent benefits and opportunities. Membership is required for many of our services, events and training programmes.

Businesses are often eligible for significant discounts on our Bureau Services, Training and Workspace Access. When we take your details we can assess your status and allocate you a discount code before you commit to joining.
Membership Benefits:

  • One free advice consultation with a member of Metropolitan Works’ specialist team.
  • Notification of opportunities such as showcasing, and commercial projects.
  • Access to the resource area of the website.
  • Access to London Metropolitan University’s materials library.

Membership is needed for:

  • Access to the Digital Manufacturing Centre’s Bureau Services
  • Access to Training
  • Access to Workspace hire and Pay&Go

To request a membership for please email Lisa Maclarty on or click on the link above. For further information on the benefits please see our Terms and Conditions page.