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Barcelona's dramatic new MediaTic buildling by architects Cloud9 utilises air cushions by Vector Foiltec, who will be speaking at the conference.
  • Start:Wednesday 13th October, 2010 9:30am
  • End:Wednesday 13th October, 2010 5:00pm
  • Price: £75.00 (Login or register to see your discount)

Graduate Centre 166-220 Holloway Road London N7 8DB > Metropolitan Works is pleased to present this forum for the building design community to gather and share ideas and experiences around exploiting new technologies to enable the built environment to dynamically respond to people in or around it. > This conference promises, with the help of a fantastic line-up of speakers, to draw out ground-breaking ideas in the realm of interactivity in architecture. > Chaired by *Fiddian Warman* of *Soda Creative*, the organisation behind the Interactive Arts BAFTA Award-winning Sodaplay, this full-day event will provide a platform for industry leaders to explore key themes emerging in interactives. Each theme will be exemplified, examined and critiqued by a multidisciplinary panel in the context of their own work. > *RECENTLY ADDED - CUBED* > We're delighted to announce that IA10 will also feature a demonstration of *Cubed*. Cubed makes use of recent advances in embedded technology to deliver a unique platform for kinaesthetic engagement and creative play. A set of eight programmable plastic blocks, wirelessly interconnected to form a meshed system, Cubed enables a range of different individual and team-based games and offers the capacity for further game developments utilising feedback and input from participants. > Creators Giles Askham and Luke Hastilow will be on hand to answer questions and provide a demonstration of the interactive device. > *THEMES AND SPEAKERS* > *Sensory: Sound and Light* How can buildings interact with our senses in ways that elevate and augment our experience of them? What are the most effective strategies for emotional engagement with our senses at an architectural scale? Sensory experiences through sound, light and even smell can be transformational in how we experience, perceive and interact with our built environment. > Jason Bruges > Jason Bruges Studios Michael Spencer > Sound Strategies Usman Haque > Haque Design and research Alexandros Tsolakis > UnitedVisualArtists > *Metaphysical: Materials and Structures, skins, information systems and the internet of things* How can the fabric of the built environment respond to the environment or people? How can that environment inform or assist its constituents in a manner that does not simply create more visual ‘noise’? As objects become intelligent and connected we begin to become immersed in a physical interactive environment. This connected, responsive environment could mean the architecture and objects that surround us are informed and pliable as to our needs. Given the issues and frustration even with today’s relatively simple 2D user interfaces the implications are huge. > Armand Terrulli > Vector Foiltec Duncan Wilson > Arup Foresight Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino > Tinker London > *Art and Play: community and interaction* Art and play are essential components of many people’s lives. How can these experiences integrate with and augment our interaction with buildings and each other? How do we really experience playful social enjoyment through architecture? Our daily social interactions are increasingly technologically mediated, what are the implications when this is applied in the built environment? > Ghislaine Boddington body>data>space Eva Rucki > Troika Scott Burnham > Urban Play > *Experiential and experimental architecture with plenary* > Sensory, material and social factors are shaping our future built environment, as examined in the first three sessions. Whilst offering exciting opportunities they also pose serious challenges. How can architecture be dynamic and responsive to these needs and opportunities? What does it mean in practice? In plenary we will discuss key learnings and what we should take forward. > Usman Haque > Haque Design and research (TBC) Alex Haw > Atmos Mike Stubbs > FACT (TBC) Joined by others for plenary > We hope that IA10 will bring to the architectural community what Decode at the V&A brought to Londoners – a challenge to existing ideas, eye-opening debate, and redefinition of perceptions. > SCHEDULE > 9.30 – RECEPTION AND REFRESHMENTS 10 – INTRODUCTION FROM FIDDIAN WARMAN 10.15 – SENSORY: SOUND AND LIGHT 11.30 – COFFEE 12 – METAPHYSICAL: MATERIALS AND STRUCTURE 13.15 – LUNCH 14.15 – ART AND PLAY: COMMUNITY AND INTERACTION 15.30 – TEA + DEMONSTRATION OF CUBED 16:00 - EXPERIENTIAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ARCHITECTURE WITH PLENARY 17:15 – DRINKS PARTY + DEMONSTRATION OF CUBED

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